Dumb Deck of the Day: “My Stepmother is a BEAST!”

Today’s Disney Lorcana #dumbdeckoftheday is called “My Stepmother is a BEAST!” (I used to run Gothels in my Emerald/Steel Mill deck, and so I was calling this “Mom Tribal” but now, that there’s more Beasts than Moms, I formatted it like one of those old “middle grade horror book” titles and gave it, easily, the dumbest name ever) and it’s a variation on the Emerald Steel Windmill decks that have, thus far, kind of failed to take off.

A mockup of a "Goosebumps" book cover with a Bride transforming into a wolf-like monster. Text says "Dave's Dumb Decks. GOOSEDUMBS. "My stepmother's a beast! Scholastic"

This version of the deck tries for the same main path to victory, to use A Whole New World to mill our opponents to 0 cards before we do so to ourselves, but, this has the distinction of being able to control our opponents’ board with cards like Beast – Relentless and Cinderella – Stouthearted if “Plan A” goes sideways.

Check it out:

I haven’t been able to try this one out yet, because Pixelborn was down for MacOS yesterday, but I think that the combination of Pete – Bad Guy and a bunch of strong actions, many of which help to feed your Beast is a powerful one, and I think Pete might be my favorite “sleeper” card in Rise of the Floodborn.

Anyway, if you get to try this thing out, lemme know how it goes on Twitter @02drop! See ya Friday!