Dumb Deck of the Day: Emerald Steel Windmill

Today’s Disney Lorcana #dumbdeckoftheday is Daniel Samson’s Emerald Steel Windmill deck from the PPG Miami Lorcana $1K last weekend. Have a look:

I can hear you now, “Two Emerald Steel decklists in a row?! Dave, is it even legal to be this dumb?”

In answer, I tell you “No, it’s not. I’m an outlaw, baby. A dumb outlaw.”

stylized cartoon mouse dressed as a cowboy shooting pistols in the air that say "DUMB!" instead of "bang"

You may have seen these Lady Tremaine – Wicked Stepmother decks before. The idea here is to abuse Lady Tremaine and Do it Again! to rebuy your A Whole New Worlds and force your opponent to lose by not having any cards remaining in their deck. That’s why this deck contains 65 cards – so that you don’t banish yourself while trying to fell your opponent.

I really like that these kinds of decks – often called “mill” decks (because in Magic: The Gathering, the card Millstone puts cards from your opponent’s deck into their discard pile) – are looking to attack the metagame from an entirely different angle. There’s no way to stop you from playing an A Whole New World at the moment; if the stars line up (and you’re able to get the requisite ink!) this deck can have some really cool, really punishing sequences, all without ever putting a single lore on the board.

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