Dumb Deck of the Day: Rush Hour

Hey folks! Today’s Disney Lorcana #dumbdeckoftheday is an Amethyst Ruby midrange deck that plays control – but in a much different way than you’re probably used to. I present, for your approval, Amethyst Ruby Rush Hour!

Image of this deck:

2 Be Prepared
4 Maui - Hero to All
4 Pascal - Rapunzel's Companion
4 Friends On The Other Side
1 White Rabbit's Pocket Watch
3 Blue Fairy - Rewarding Good Deeds
4 Minnie Mouse - Stylish Surfer
4 Shere Khan - Menacing Predator
3 Zeus - God of Lightning
2 Donald Duck - Not Again!
3 Queen of Hearts - Impulsive Ruler
4 Fidget - Ratigan's Henchman
4 Teeth and Ambitions
4 Peter Pan's Shadow - Not Sewn On
3 Jiminy Cricket - Pinocchio's Conscience
2 Lady Tremaine - Imperious Queen
4 Queen of Hearts - Sensing Weakness
4 Madam Mim - Fox
1 The Sorcerer's Spellbook
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This deck wants to challenge often, although not necessarily early, utilizing cards with evasive to avoid being cracked back. And the cards that don’t have evasive have rush – which means that with Peter Pan’s Shadow – Not Sewn On, they too will be able to avoid confrontation on your opponents’ turns.

Rounding out the strategy is Shere Khan – Menacing Predator and his mismatched buddy, Queen of Hearts – Sensing Weakness which, like a modern day Tucker and Chan, combine to get you lots of lore and to find the cards you need, when you need ’em!

Gif of Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker dancing in "Rush Hour"

There are some other fun interactions, like Donald Duck – Not Again and Teeth and Ambitions, because once you’ve challenged or teeth’d their board away, you’ll want to be able to continue questing and get to 20 lore.

The only card I’m not entirely sure of at the moment is the Be Prepared, which are good, but are probably better as a pair of Scar – Vicious Cheater, because the latter has rush (which, with a Shadow in play also grants him evasive) and more or less accomplishes the same goal.

I would love to hear what you think on twitter, @02drop. Let me know how you do with this one, it’s a lot of fun when it works (but could definitely use some improvements).

See you later this week!