Dumb Deck of the Day: Evasive Grapes

Hey! We’re back after a brief hiatus (and a lot of writing)! Today’s Disney Lorcana #dumbdeckoftheday is a semi-budget experimental Amethyst Emerald aggro deck that tries to make use of evasive cards to slam a bunch of lore early. Let’s have a look:

This deck plays a handful of the Emerald staples of the Christmas Evasive, with upgrades in the form of Ray – Easygoing Firefly. We’re also running Pinocchio – Star Attraction which has some soft synergy with Jiminy Cricket and Blue Fairy, and uses a strategy similar to the Amethyst bounce decks in Madam Mim – Fox to quasi-ready Pinocchio and keep him from being challenged.

We also play Peter Pan’s Shadow – Not Sewn On, which, I am 75% percent sure is a terrible card, but the idea of challenging with Madam Mim and then our opponents not being able to crack back was kind of appealing, and if he was inkable, the Shadow would actually be pretty respectable.

Okay, as always, let me know what you think on twitter @02drop. Later this week I’ll have some updates for Lorcana Mashup, as well as some more really terrible decks for you to try out! It’s good to be back!