Dumb Deck of the Day: Robin Season

Today’s Disney Lorcana #dumbdeckoftheday is a deck that centers Christopher Robin – Adventurer to attack our opponents from an unexpected angle – getting ready. Let’s take a look:

This deck wants to get out some early drops and play as normal, then drop a Christopher Robin and just…sit there. Sit around and don’t do anything until you can quest with Chris and ready him in the same turn. We don’t want to quest with Christopher Robin if we won’t be able to ready him in the same turn unless we have the ink to cast You Can Fly! as well, but, the good news is that we have 8 (eight!) cards that can make Chris ready immediately, and he’s got 6 big points of willpower, so he’s not the easiest character to banish anyway.

This deck is a little bit durdle-y, and I wasn’t able to rip more than 1 outta 3 wins in playing around with it, but it is fun when it works out. I think it might be better to build a version of this deck that runs Sapphire for card selection and ink-ramping, which would also, flavorfully, allow us to play Christopher Robin alongside Winnie the Pooh – Having a Think (although I still contend that if the devs of Disney Lorcana wanted us to be getting flavor wins, they wouldn’t have made Rafiki so good at banishing Simbas).

That’s it for today. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and the colonial settlers (they were not “pilgrims” which is a term which connotes a journey of spirituality with the intended arrival at a predetermined and deeply meaningful spiritual location or site. E.g. one could take a pilgrimage to Mecca, or to Lumbini, or even to Rome, but you can’t go on a pilgrimage to a place that you know almost nothing about for the purposes of stealing land and then post-hoc fit some kind of feelings of spirituality to it. I’m just sayin’) really seemed pretty ungrateful, all things considered. Kinda makes you wonder if settler-colonialism can ever not lead to Genocide (spoilers: it cannot).

That said, remember that it is okay to spend time in community with your family or friends, and to give thanks for the things you are fortunate enough to have. Remember that there is great and terrible suffering in the world, and do what you can to minimize it.

I’d love to hear your opinions on the deck or “why Dave is a je*k for talking about all this bummer stuff on the best US holiday” on twitter @02drop. Feel free to @ me. See ya Friday!