Dumb Deck of the Day: Kurt Spiess’ Steel Stitch

Sometimes, a Disney Lorcana deck is so dumb that it takes you all the way to the top.

This deck, in the hands of this author, managed to go 0-2-1 and drop in the Games & Comics Pair O’ Dice $2K tournament held on Sunday, October 29th.

With over 75 players (I’m not certain whether we hit capacity), this was definitely on the larger side of in-person Lorcana events thus far, attracting the Lost Boys Invitational Champion Harlan Firer and this version of the Steel Stitch deck’s designer, Kurt Spiess (Kurt also finished in the top 8 of the Lost Boys invitational, losing to eventual champion Harlan Firer).

This weekend, however, Kurt, who is not the same kind of bumbling idiot as this reporter, managed to win it all with his updated Steel Songs Stitch deck. Let’s take a look at Kurt’s list:

Kurt’s version of Steel Songs is a streamlined, no-nonsense list that comes out so fast that you can completely throw your opponents off balance. Playing the full playset of Lanterns and a pair of Captain Hook – Thinking A Happy Thought, this deck is laying down big threats as early as turn three, and making it difficult for our opponents to decide whether to play out their hands and risk a Grab Your Sword or Tinkerbell – Giant Fairy blowout, or to let large Stitches run roughshod over them in quests while they discard 7 to A Whole New World.

I really like this take on the deck, and I’ve been playing Kurt’s builds for pretty much as long as I’ve been playing Lorcana (Sunday was, unfortunately, not my day).

Another big congratulations to Kurt Spiess; let me know on twitter what you think of his build @02drop. See ya tomorrow!