Dumb Deck of the Day: Mono Steel Bodyguard

Welcome back dummies, it’s once again time for the #dumbdeckoftheday, and today we are bucking tradition by taking Steel, which is probably the best secondary color in Disney Lorcana, and pushing it into the spotlight, as the only color in our deck. Let’s take a gander:

The deck is straightforward enough: Make your ink drops reliably (only 9 cards are uninkable!) and win by picking fights with characters that literally cannot fight back (on account of your bodyguards or Captain Hook – Thinking a Happy Thought). You gain card advantage through Beast’s Mirror and Musketeer Tabard, as well as with Grab Your Sword and Tinker Bell – Giant Fairy, all while getting in respectable quests.

I think this deck is good enough for league, but probably a little too sparse in tools to be very competitive – yet. With the advent of a steel package in Rise of the Floodborn, including Cinderella – Stouthearted and The Prince – Never Gives Up you might be able to cook something nice up (I’d cut the Tinker Bells for the Cinderellas and two Erics and two Goons for The Prince).

Let me know what you think on twitter @02drop! See you tomorrow!