Dumb Deck of the Day: Emerald Umm… Discard

Welcome back to Dave’s Dumb Decks – a place to find really dumb Disney Lorcana decks to try out! Today, we’re doing something a bit out of the ordinary and taking a look at some new cards from Rise of the Floodborn for a potentially powerful Emerald/Steel discard deck!

First, here’s the Rise of the Floodborn cards we’re building with (well, here are the ones you maybe haven’t seen yet, spoiled yesterday on twitter), Flynn Rider – His Own Biggest Fan

Flynn Rider is spelunking into a cavern, card reads:
Flynn Rider – His Own Biggest Fan 2/3 (4 cost emerald rare, not inkable). Floodborn • Hero • Prince Shift 2. Evasive. This character gets minus 1 lore for each card in your opponents' hands. 4 LORE."

Flynn is very powerful if we can keep our opponents off cards altogether (especially because he can shift in on turn 2 or 3 and start questing for a lot!) but we don’t actually want to play Flynn. That’s because of the other card spoiled yesterday The Queen – Dressed as a Beggar:

Image with The Queen – Disguised as a Beggar in french and english with the davesdumbdecks.com watermark and logo (a stylized cartoon mouse).

The card text is:

"The Queen – Disguised as a Beggar
Storyborn • Villain • Queen
The Perfect Disguise – ⤵️ Choose a character card and discard it: You gain a number of Lore equal to the lore of the character you discarded."

She costs 3, is emerald, is a 2/3, and is uninkable and a super rare.

You see, with The Queen around, you can discard high-lore value characters to gain their lore, so cards like Flynn and Goofy – Knight for a Day do work without ever seeing time on the battlefield.

Anyway, here’s the list:

Decklist as image:

4 Beast - Relentless
4 Goofy - Knight for a Day
4 Flynn Rider - Confident Vagabond
4 Sudden Chill
4 Mad Hatter - Gracious Host
4 Flynn Rider - Charming Rogue
2 Hans - Scheming Prince
4 The Queen - Commanding Presence
4 Belle - Hidden Archer
4 Lucifer - Cunning Cat
4 The Prince - Never Gives Up
3 Cinderella - Knight in Training
4 Daisy Duck - Secret Agent
4 Hypnotize
4 Prince John - Greediest of All
4 Cinderella - Stouthearted

Instead of using Ruby cards like Lefou – Instigator or Fan the Flames, we’re using steel cards to support our efforts, which allow us to…

Oh. This is embarrassing. Ruby would actually be much better. Hold.

Here we go. Emerald Ruby discard:

Decklist as image:
4 Mickey Mouse - Brave Little Tailor
3 Stitch - Abomination
3 Beast - Relentless
4 Flynn Rider - Confident Vagabond
4 Sudden Chill
4 Fan The Flames
4 Mad Hatter - Gracious Host
3 Dragon Fire
1 Maleficent - Monstrous Dragon
3 Shield of Virtue
4 Lefou - Instigator
3 Scar - Shameless Firebrand
4 Minnie Mouse - Stylish Surfer
2 Belle - Hidden Archer
4 Lucifer - Cunning Cat
4 Daisy Duck - Secret Agent
4 Hypnotize
2 Prince John - Greediest of All
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Much better indeed. So, now, with Fan the Flames, Lefou – Instigator, Shield of Virtue, and Scar – Relentless Firebrand, we can ready The Queen – Dressed as a Beggar for multiple uses in a single turn (and hopefully leave her ready at the end of said turn).

I don’t love Belle – Hidden Archer, because her effect has diminishing returns and she’s not inkable, but she packs 3 lore if you discard her, and if you ever get to strip more than 2 cards from an opponent with her challenge trigger, you’re in really great shape.

A somewhat festive line of play, here would be:

  • Turn 1: play Shield of Virtue.
  • Turn 2: twiddle your thumbs
  • Turn 3: play The Queen
  • Turn 4: discard Mickey – BLT, play Lefou, ready the Queen, Discard Stitch, ready the Queen with Shield.

That’s 7 Lore in one turn and a not altogether unreasonable prospect of winning the next turn if you have the nut draw. It’s not likely, but it will happen, and it’s pretty bananas when it does.

I don’t think The Queen or Flynn – His Own Biggest Fan are on pixelborn yet, so testing this out will be tough, but I suspect they’ll be in the mix by the end of the week or so, so keep an eye out and tell me about your new brews on twitter @02drop! See ya Friday!