Dumb Deck of the Day: Roger Parra’s Emerald Steel (PPG Miami T16)

Today’s Disney Lorcana #dumbdeckoftheday is Roger Parra’s Emerald Steel bodyguard brew, the 10th place finisher at last weekend’s PPG Miami Lorcana $1K, let’s take a look:

I like Roger’s build because he has a nice removal package that’s spread out between targeted removal like Smash and John Silver – Alien Pirate while still getting to go wide with Tinker Bell – Giant Fairy and Grab Your Sword. Most of the cards in this build of Emerald Steel are pulling double duty – for example, Genie – On the Job and Jasper – Common Crook both act as soft removal to keep them off their lore goals while his bodyguard package (Hercules – True Hero, Mickey Mouse – Musketeer) allow him to quest with impunity and freeze his opponents out from banishing his Jaspers and Johns.

Overall, I think this is where Emerald Steel wants to be, and if I were playing Emerald Steel in a bigger event this weekend, this is the shell I would start with with a few minor tweaks (I’d probably trade a Hans and a Jasper for the 3rd Mother Knows Best and Genie). With so few uninkables – another thing I love about this build – Roger’s given himself the flexibility to swap cards out and in to be best prepared for his individual metagame.

Let me know on twitter if you’ve played a build like Roger’s @02drop. See ya tomorrow!