Dumb Deck of the Day: Amber Ruby Slug

Today’s Disney Lorcana #DumbDeckoftheDay is one of the first brews I messed with when I downloaded Pixelborn. It’s called Amber-Ruby Slug, and the reason it’s called “Slug” is because I’m an idiot and these names don’t mean anything. Check it out:

This is a weird deck, in a weird combination of colors that attempts to – you guessed it – lay down some early, high lore threats and then control the late game with shifts like Aladdin – Heroic Outlaw and Stitch – Rockstar. The pair of Hades – Lord of the Underworld allows you to rebuy on your low-end questers, while Lefou – Instigator and Fan the Flames synergize along with Shield of Virtue to ensure that Big Al is able to get maximum bang for his challenge-lore-stealing buck.

I don’t have a win-loss record for this other than anecdotal, but I did enjoy playing it, and would love to know what you think. HMU on twitter @02drop and let me know!