#BadNewsBrews: Lights, Camera, Action!

We’re back again with another edition of #BadNewsBrews for Disney Lorcana! I’m excited (maybe not the right word) to tell you about the results from last week’s article, but first, let me tell you the rules of this Disney Lorcana deck-building exercise:

  • The poll will remain active through Monday, October 16th at 5:00pm
  • Dave will brew a deck containing exactly 4 of the winning card.
  • The deck will focus on or synergize with one or more of the winning card’s abilities.
  • Dave will play no fewer than 5 games with the deck on Pixelborn, and report the results.

Last Week’s Results

So the winner of last week’s #BadNewsBrews was Hades – King of Olympus (by quite a lot).

What deck should be the #BadNewsBrew for next week?

Poll image featuring Scar-Shameless Firebrand, Hades - King of Olympus, and Genie - Powers Unleashed



And, being as this is the dumbest site where you can get ideas for Disney Lorcana decklists, I proceeded to construct a deck built around Hades – Lord of the Underworld and finish a respectable 3-2.

Then, this morning, when this article should have published, I woke up in a panic (not really) remembering that I’d picked the wrong Hades. I’ll probably save the Hades – Lord of the Underworld deck for another day, but here’s what I sleeved up to struggle with over on Pixelborn. I call it Hades Club.

Now, if you’re looking at this thinking Hey, there are better and more villains in other colors than Sapphire, you’re absolutely correct. Look at the name of the website, kiddo. I’ve promised you nothing but the most dumb Lorcana decklists.

The way I started to build this was Amethyst Amber, but that suffered from too many non-inkable characters to make it playable, and the way I saw it, the late game dream of dropping Hades – King of Olympus onto a board with multiple Malifecents and Dr. Faciliers would end up getting dashed by a lack of 8 ink, and like, having lost already by turn 8. There was no removal, and I didn’t think it made sense to try to win with a reader-voted deck that wasn’t even inclining towards the signature card.

With Hades Club, my approach was to make a big quest deck, not a Hades – King of Olympus-specific big quest deck, which freed me from focusing too heavily on villains, and used Hades more as a redundancy to take advantage of the ramp from Belle – Strange but Special and Mickey Mouse – Detective. The results were…well, check ’em out below…

Leather jacket with a "motorcycle club" logo painted on with text "HADES MC. STRONG AS HELL SINCE 1997"

Here’s how we did playing with HADES CLUB:

  • Game 1: Opponent was playing Amber Emerald Aggro, and I went 2nd. I ended up losing at 15 Lore when he dropped his second Kuzco – Tempermental Emperor. (0-1)
  • Game 2: Opponent playing Emerald Steel and I was going 2nd. I got behind very early, but managed to be able to have some 2 cool turns where I recycled and rebought Hades – Infernal Schemer, and began wishing that this was not just a suboptimal version of the Sapphire Amber decks that have been putting up some decent numbers lately. I pulled this one out on the back of Hades recursion. (1-1)
  • Game 3: I was against another (different player) Emerald Steel deck, and went 1st. This time, I got overwhelmed pretty early, and ended up losing a not-very-close game. (1-2)
  • Game 4: In the penultimate game, I was paired against an Amethyst Sapphire control deck (going 2nd) and just got annihilated. Ugh. (1-3)
  • Game 5: In the final game, I faced down a Steel Songs deck and was going second. Hoping that I could salvage this extraordinary waste of time and come away with 2 wins, I was, of course, nervous when my opponent inked a Captain Hook – Forceful Duelist and played a Lilo – Making a Wish. Things were looking bleak, but my opponent absolutely wasted an early Tinkerbell – Giant Fairy, (by playing it into an empty board) and then, a few turns later, wasted 2 Grab Your Sword in back to back turns (he killed one character, and my other characters lived through the song). I came back to a position where I could wait him out (he was being shy about questing, for some reason) and then followed a Hades – Infernal Schemer with a Hades – King of Olympus and won it with the king for style points (against an opponent who played like a bot, lol). (2-3)

Overall, this deck was a farce, and not very fun to play. I don’t recommend it at all.

And, in the spirit of ensuring that I don’t have fun next week, here’s this week’s #BadNewsBrews poll:

#BadNewsBrews Week 2: Lights, Camera, ACTION!

The poll has expired!

Next week’s deck will utilize an Action which isn’t particularly popular. Choose one, and we’ll see you with a new Disney Lorcana #BadNewsBrew on Wednesday!

The poll is open now, so vote and let’s see what we can brew up for next week!