#BadNewsBrews: Unthinkable, Uninkable

We’re kicking off the inaugural edition of #BadNewsBrews with a challenging one, but first, let me tell you the rules of this Disney Lorcana deck-building exercise:

  • The poll will remain active through Monday, October 16th at 5:00pm
  • Dave will brew a deck containing exactly 4 of the winning card.
  • The deck will focus on or synergize with one or more of the winning card’s abilities.
  • Dave will play no fewer than 5 games with the deck on Pixelborn, and report the results.

#BadNewsBrews polls will typically go live on Wednesdays, though that is subject to change. I don’t promise the deck will be good, in fact, I think there’s a very good chance it won’t be, but I will build it with the intent of it being competitive for Disney Lorcana League-level events.

This week, we have three 8 cost, uninkable, rare Floodborn characters to choose from:

Scar – Shameless Firebrand, Hades – King of Olympus, and Genie – Powers Unleashed.

The poll is open now, so vote and let’s see what we can brew up for next week!

What deck should be the #BadNewsBrew for next week?

Poll image featuring Scar-Shameless Firebrand, Hades - King of Olympus, and Genie - Powers Unleashed



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