Dumb Deck of the Day: Ruby-Steel “Big Al”

Today’s Disney Lorcana #DumbDeckOfTheDay is a Ruby Steel deck I’m calling BIG AL (RIP Robin Williams).

I’ve tried to keep today’s deck within a fairly frugal budget. Big Al clocks in at about $125 at TCGPlayer, and will get you your Aladdin – Heroic Outlaw and A Whole New World playsets, and a lot of other useful cards, so even if you take it apart, you’ll still have lots of good, playable Ruby and Steel cards (many of them deckbuilding staples) to build decks with.

I make very few bones about Aladdin – Heroic Outlaw being, in my dumb opinion, one of the best characters in The First Chapter. He can come down early and he creates a four point lore swing without even questing, something that only Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor can even come close to boasting. In Disney Lorcana, you can only win by decking your gaining Lore; until Rise of the Floodborn releases next month, you can only gain lore with characters.

The fact that Big Al can shift into play three full turns before Mickey BLT is a big game, and one that has been consistently seen at the top tables of competitive Disney Lorcana tournaments as part of Ruby Amethyst control. This deck is looking to quest early and often, and drop an Aladdin – Heroic Outlaw on turn 5 (or, if need be, a Te Kā – Heartless on turn 6). We use A Whole New World and Ransack to dig for our big guys, and because there’s no restrictions on how many times per turn we can challenge, a single turn with either of our heavy hitters and any of a Shield of Virtue, a Fan the Flames, or a Lefou – Instigator can lead to insurmountable leads in Lore.

Hans – Thirteenth in Line is kind of the inverse effect of Aladdin and Te Kā, giving you another angle to work that opponents can’t really prep for without sacrificing a lot of utility in other matchups.

I’d intended to play this one over the weekend and Monday, but my new job required a little more of me than usual, so this one is totally untested – I’m hoping to jam some games with it this evening though.

As always, let me know what you think of it on Twitter, and while you’re there, follow me @02drop.