Dumb Deck of the Day: Mono-Emerald Tempo

Today’s Disney Lorcana #DumbDeckOfTheDay is something I’m calling Mono-Emerald Tempo.

This is essentially a single color Disney Lorcana deck that plays on the strength of Emerald’s early and mid-game characters.

In this deck, we’re using characters like Flynn Rider – Charming Rogue, Hans – Scheming Prince, and Tinker Bell – Most Helpful to apply pressure and keep it on, without having to overextend as the game reaches the “They could play Be Prepared” stages. Steal from the Rich allows us to close out the game against decks that we can safely go wide against, and Genie – On the Job and Mother Knows Best allow you to control the board and essentially take extra turns if they tap out for anything but a Kuzco – Tempermental Emperor.

This is a fun, if a little wonky, deck, and I think with a bit of commitment to learning it you could cobble together some wins and even a respectable finish with it on Disney Lorcana League night, too. I don’t think all ink colors have the card quality to run a single color strategy, but Emerald has good cards up and down the curve (“curve” here means “ink costs at multiple, consecutive intervals which allow a player to have strong options each turn).

If you try this one out, let me know how it goes on twitter.