LevelUp Games Top 8 Decklists

Congratulations to the Top 8 players from the LevelUp Games (Glen Burnie, MD) $1.5K Disney Lorcana Open on Saturday, October 15th.

45 players matched up to play competitive Disney Lorcana with the Top 8 standings [EDITOR’S NOTE: I believe this was a Top 8 split, so these are likely just the standings after Swiss] as follows:

1st: David Solberg Amber/Sapphire

2nd: Jodey Burney Ruby/Amethyst

3rd: Ian Bosley Amber/Sapphire

4th: Stephen Gray Amber/Steel

5th: Cameron Lantz Ruby/Amethyst

6th: Brandon Lam Amber/Steel

7th: Kevin Bradford Amber/Sapphire

8th: Matthew Mancinelli Sapphire/Steel

Congratulations to LevelUp Games for hosting a great Disney Lorcana event, and congrats to all the players in the Top 8!