Dumb Deck of the Day: Ruby Sapphire Ramp Control

Today’s Disney Lorcana #DumbDeckOfTheDay is a Ruby Sapphire control deck that looks to catch opponents off guard with big threats and plenty of board control to help keep your opponents honest. Check it out:

The thing with this deck, which is endemic of most of the control decks that we have so far, is that there are a relatively-high number of non-inkable cards, so you have to be comfortable jamming cards that are valuable in the late game (Eye of the Fates, Let it Go, Belle – Strange But Special, for example) into the inkwell and hope that the density of your other threats and removal can make up for it.

The things that set this Ramp Control deck apart from the Ruby Amethyst control decks that have been all over the top tables of big Disney Lorcana tournaments is the ability to get to your end game a lot sooner on the back of Mickey Mouse – Detective and Gramma Tala – Storyteller. Your draws won’t round out quite as well as decks with Friends on the Other Side and Maleficent – Sorcerer, but I think this can make up for that with an early Maleficent – Uninvited (though I could see her being replaced by Prince Charming – Heir to the Throne, which is the Sapphire Hans – Scheming Prince debuting in Rise of the Floodborn).

Give this one a test drive this weekend, and as always, let me know what you think and how you do on twitter @02drop – talk to you on Monday!