Single Card Spotlight: Ariel – Whoseit Collector


  • Card Type: Character • Storyborn • Hero • Princess
  • Card Rarity: Rare
  • Card Set: The First Chapter
  • Card Number: 137
  • Card Effect: Whenever you play an item, you may ready this character

In the vast world of Disney Lorcana, every card is a potential game-changer. In our “Single Card Spotlight” series, we dive deep into the basics of different cards in the set, uncovering their strengths, weaknesses, and long-term evaluation of the card. Today, we turn our attention to Ariel – Whoseit Collector, a card that seems very exploitable in an item-focused Disney Lorcana deck.

Card Analysis:
Now, let’s delve into the card’s strengths and how it can impact your Disney Lorcana strategy:

1. Strengths:

  • The only card in The First Chapter which allows you to quest multiple times in a single turn
  • Exploitable with inexpensive, low cost items like Scepter of Arendelle and Magic Golden Flower
  • Enables single-turn victories

2. Weaknesses:

  • Not inkable
  • No evasion, so she is easily banished
  • Has to end a turn ready or she’s got a huge target on her back

3. Strategic Uses:

Ariel – Whoseit Collector’s strength obviously lies in her interaction with items, and, in Sapphire, she synergizes incredibly well with cards like Maurice – World-Famous Inventor, and curves perfectly into Eye of the Fates. There have been some “item storm” decks, and they’ve been a popular topic of theorycrafting, but so far none have tackled a large event.

Here’s a decklist I’ve been fiddling with, which is fairly stock. I will say that I think Belle – Strange But Special might be a trap, and probably could be cut down to a 1-of, while bumping the Let It Go count to 4.

4. Combos:

  • Eye of the Fates allows you to pump up Ariel’s Lore count doubling or tripling the lore she provides with each quest.
  • Maurice allows you to play cheaper items (an EotF for 2 ink is pretty preposterous!), and earns you a card each time you manage to drop an item into play – which gives you more opportunities to untap Ariel.

5. Collectibility and Trading Value:

As of this writing, Ariel – Whoseit Collector is quite affordable at, roughly, $1.87. If you think you’ll want to build an “item storm” style deck in the near future, I’d recommend picking these up now, as Ariel is a card that only gets better with each new item printed, and the fact that so many of the enabling items like Eye and item-focused cards like Maurice, and Tamatoa – So Shiny are also in Sapphire, you’ll have loads of flexibility in choosing your second color based on whichever complementary ink has the best items and spells.

Ariel-Item decks suffer from a lack of consistency at the moment, but the “critical mass” of high quality, inexpensive items required to push her over the top is very low. And while it’s somewhat difficult to speculate when she’ll be a powerful card, it feels very safe to say that Disney Lorcan decks which center on an Ariel – Whoseit Collector strategy will (eventually) become very competitive.

Stay Tuned:
Stay tuned for more “Single Card Spotlight” articles as we continue to explore the exciting world of Disney Lorcana one card at a time. Whether you’re a seasoned TCG veteran or just starting your journey, these spotlights will help you unlock the full potential of each card in the set.